Unbound Worlds Apart Release Date Revealed

Unbound: Worlds Apart is set to release on PC and the Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2021.

The latest game by Alien Pixel Studios, Unbound: Worlds Apart, is a ‘world-hopping, portal-opening adventure’ where you follow a young mage, Soli. Through this journey, Soli seeks to avenge his fallen village after malevolent creatures begin to tear reality apart. By battling monsters, unraveling mysteries, and exploring new areas, you’ll be able to increase your magical powers – from inversing gravity, to time manipulation.

The new trailer also showcases a variety of NPCs and a dark fairytale aesthetic with a cartoon-animated style to boot..

You can currently play the Unbound: Worlds Apart PC demo on Steam here and if you happen to be in Europe, you can check out the Europe-exclusive Switch demo here. (For non-Europeans, you can make a European Nintendo account and download it that way.)

Unbound: Worlds Apart will release on Nintendo Switch and PC on July 28th and will eventually come to Xbox and PlayStation ‘soon’.

My Opinion:
I’m really digging the aesthetic to Unbound and the interesting combinations of its spell abilities, exploration, and lore. I’ll be hopping onto the demo soon to see how everything plays!

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