Pokemon Unite Gets Release Date

The Pokémon Company has announced today that Pokémon Unite will release on July 21 for Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Unite is is a multiplayer online free-to-play battle arena game where two teams of five players compete to earn the most points.

Also, players who download and log into the game on their Nintendo Switch by August 31st, will get access to the mythical Pokémon Zeraora for free. Its Unite Move (powerful moves unique to each character), Plasma Gale, sends out an electric eruption, creating a zone of plasma around the area where the attack hits.

Pokémon Unite will release on mobile devices in September.

My Opinion:
I keep thinking that I’m not interested in this game, but the unique game approach (at least compared to other Pokémon games) has me curious to at least try it out. Plus, I’m a sucker for trying free games.

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