Mabel Joins Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary with New Song

Continuing along with Pokémon’s 25th anniversary year-long celebration, The Pokémon Company has announced that Mabel is releasing a new song for the occasion.

The song, “Take It Home”, is a new song recorded exclusively for the upcoming P25 Music compilation album. The launch of the song is also accompanied with a music video featuring the artist along with Jigglypuff and Pikachu. In the video, Mabel is trying to unwind, where she finds a Pokémon channel and dozes off. In the dream, she explores with the two Pokémon and has a fun little number.

Mabel is a BRIT Award recipient for Best Female Solo Artist, surpassed four billion streams and 2.2 million adjusted sales for her first album, High Expectations.

My Opinion:
I don’t really know Mabel, but this is a fun song with a solid video. Happy to see the Pokemon Company bring in more artists for this collaboartion. Keep ’em coming!

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