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MONG Podcast 101 | Games Against the Grain

Can you handle the epic-ocity that is… the episode after the 100th? The MONG Podcast crew, you love ‘em, Adam, Jordan and Myles, are at it again with episode 101. They hit the big stories this week, such as the major departure in gameplay that Five Nights at Freddie’s next horrifying(?) adventure will take, the continuing Kojima-Konami battle for who gets the last word… even though it’s just Konami yelling and if they’re gonna get their hands on the sweetest release come November 10th… that SWEET sweet Jones Nuka-Cola. They also reminisce on which games they loved but were shunned by the gaming community, or were over-looked due to the titan-esque stature of other releases that year. You know it’ll be a barrel of fun, just like always! Continue reading MONG Podcast 101 | Games Against the Grain