New GamePad Announced

So we all know that the next-gen consoles will be putting more focus on the use of touch screen devices in their games, and ClamCase has just announced a product that may indicate to what extent extra-console devices may play in games.

This is the new gamepad. It is able to connect to your iOS 7 devices. It is able to function completely as a controller as well as support 3D motion. I’m honestly really excited for this to come out. I was already impressed by Xbox SmartGlass (although I just found out that I could use it as a chat pad). Maybe I’ll even get an iOS 7 device for gaming if I can afford it! Mike Fahey from Kotaku said in this article that they haven’t really announced a price or even a specific release date. Although Mr. Fahey apparently does not share my enthusiasm for the product, his article is very informative.

What I find really cool about it is that it has a built in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery so you don’t have to pause the game to go to the store! Engadget says that it should work in any Xbox title if you have the official gamepad API. I’m probably talking out of my ass here, but I think that would allow you to use something like GTA’s “ifruit” app on the same device that is hooked up to the GameCase.

This looks pretty cool! Hopefully there will be enough games that will be able to make up for the cost (I’m pretty pessimistic about this stuff and assume it will be $3,000). It does look awesome and might be pretty interesting for people with iOS 7 devices.

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