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Middle of Nowhere Gaming (MONG) is a video game-centric website that started in September 2013. We cover major video game news, writing reviews, previews, and editorials about it all. MONG even publishes weekly podcasts for your eyes and ears to feast. We want to put out as much video game related content as possible in an effort to build our contributors' notoriety and give talented individuals the opportunity to some day reach their goals in the industry they love.

No Man’s Sky and the Importance of Being a First-Wave Gamer

Every now and then, a game releases that asks its gamers to do more than simply play it; the game wants you to think a bit. The world is a little more complex than our own, the story isn’t told in a contemporary fashion, or maybe the game’s mechanics are slightly obscured. Such games depend on Day One adopters, First-Wave Gamers as I like to call them, to unveil what lies beneath the surface and decode the game’s greater mysteries.

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Kerbal Space Program Console Review

Do Not Try This on Console

You are powerful. You are intelligent and sophisticated. You are destined for greatness. You are a gamer. But you’re probably not having these thoughts while you play Squad’s Kerbal Space Program.

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Question of the Week: 5/7/14

There are all kinds of controversial questions out there regarding the video game industry.  Each and every Wednesday we will ask each member to give their opinion on one of them.   Every once in a while we will have simpler questions that are more of a “Get to know your editor” type question. This will give you a chance to see that we are not all like minded and have a wide range of opinions.    Also: You the readers can submit questions for us to answer here.  So feel free to submit them to this story or emailing them to Continue reading Question of the Week: 5/7/14