Why Saints Row III Is So Much Fun

Why is Saints Row III so much fun? I’ve spent several days’ worth of hours just running around not even paying attention to the storyline. I am not saying that the plot is in any way boring, in fact it’s very riveting and kept me occupied for quite a while, but the game adds a ton of additional content that makes the game a true masterpiece.


The map of Steelport is divided by the controlling gangs that own each region. Through minigames you are able to unseat these gangs in order to gain 100% control of each region. The minigames are completely chaotic and random which makes for a fun time. There is nothing like running through a maze while beating up mascots or driving through the city on an ATV and causing explosions whenever you hit an automobile.

My favorite minigame would have to be Insurance Fraud. In this game you can jump in front of cars and control your body in a ragdoll fashion to be hit by the highest amount of cars possible. You get money each time you get hit, and in this game, a large intersection means a grand old time.

Random Crap:

This game is made for maximum silliness. There is a metric crap-ton of things you can do to entertain yourself in this game that have nothing to do with the story and/or type of minigame.

One of my favorite activities is slaughtering hordes of zombies while in the form of a toilet. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only can you change into a toilet, but you can also take on legions of zombies in the quarantined section of town. This is not be confused with the game type, Whore’d Mode. (this is a mode where you fight off increasingly formidable ranks of scantily clad women who ae trying to murder you.)

One of the other fun things to do is running around in another form, a sex doll. I have spent some of my time running around as a sex doll slapping people with a weaponized dildo called The Penetrator.

These are nowhere near the massive amount of the things that are possible to do with a little bit of imagination and countless hours of free time (or no life). As an example check the link below.


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