Fable II Review


In this sequel to Fable I, you are born a pauper and a descendent of a Hero: someone who is able to harness the power of Will (magic basically). The game is an open world role playing game, and a fun one at that. It allows for multiplayer gameplay that takes place in the host’s story mode.


I’ll be honest and admit that the graphics were not the very best for the time, but it was still detailed and defined by my untrained eye. I don’t really take off points for graphics on games though, because graphics aren’t a big deal for me as long as the gameplay is fun and compelling.


The story opens with the main character as a young child doing odd jobs with his/her sister to get money to buy a magical artifact from a traveling salesman. After the artifact is bought the children are summoned by the lord of the land, Lucien, who finds out that the two children are Heroes. I won’t go into much detail, but along the way your character will collect his band of merry fellow, face many serious and some silly enemies, and probably kill a townsperson by accident.


This game has a different system of leveling up than most games. For every enemy you kill, you acquire a base amount of experience points; however, depending on what method you kill them, you can get specialty experience. The three modes of attack are magic, melee, and ranged. Once you get enough of these you are able to increase your resilience to damage, how much damage you deal in that skill, and special moves for that skill. All three subjects track these advances with a system of stars, 5 being the max and one being the smallest. Each rank is achieved individually. The special attacks make fighting so much easier, especially the ranged bonuses. The different spells you unlock have been incredibly fun. I’ve spent my fair share of time using the time-slowing spell and diving off cliffs at the same time.

The multiplayer leaves much to be desired. While it is great that they were able to have a co-op campaign, two characters share one screen and therefore might impede each other’s view if they stray slightly from each other. I tried playing like this with my brother, but we both got annoyed quickly and decided to play the game individually.

The side missions in the game are great. Each side story is very compelling and interesting. I especially enjoyed the Knothole Island story which took a while and required me to advance the story before I could do the missions. The side quests are not necessary and do not impede the players gaming experience should he/she decide not to do them. The only thing that is barred from the character that doesn’t participate in the side quests are some weapon enhancements, which aren’t that great anyway, and some purchasable houses, which are awesome yet not necessary.

On top of all of this, you are able to become a major property mogul. You can buy, enhance, and resell houses. You are also able to buy stores and adjust the prices. You of course get rent and are able to make inglorious amounts of money without trying very hard. While there is a fair amount of grinding the make an initial amount of money to buy your first few houses, you rarely have to work later on if you let your money stockpile while you don’t play the game, which it will automatically do even offline. Playing property broker was one of the best things about this game and kept me entertained for hours.


I gave this game a 10 of 10 because of the amount of entertainment it gave me. I was able to play through the game twice without getting bored and still pop my head in to see if I can mess with the villagers. It was one of the most fun games I have ever played and I will probably enjoy a third playthrough very soon.

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