Mighty No. 9

Many Megaman fans agree that Capcom has not done the blue bomber justice in recent years by cancelling development on several Megaman games (one of which was a first-person shooter). As it turns out, Keiji Inafune agrees and has distanced himself from Capcom. In his interview with IGN, Inafune stated that since he fell out with Capcom, he has been thinking of a new platformer that would be the successor to Megaman, at least in spirit. We mentioned this on the first episode of the MONG Podcast (which you all have hopefully listened to) so I thought it would be nice to go a bit more in depth.

(Mighty No. 9)

Mighty No. 9 is the game that has been announced very recently. Inafune put up a Kickstarter which quickly reached its goal, although I believe the stretch goals have yet to be completely fulfilled. The game is about the ninth robot in a series of combat robots; eight of which succumbed to a virus that reminds one of the mad cow diseases that implanted so many fond memories. Inafune has come across controversy that his character looks too much like Megaman and that the entire game, even the idea of picking up the weapons of your enemies, is too similar to be completely separate from the franchise.

(Early concept art for Mighty No. 9)

Capcom has not released an official opinion on the new game, but many people think that the games are not similar enough to create a real controversy. However, Inafune told IGN Editor, Colin Moriarty that he was not without fear. He said, “If I said I wasn’t worried at all, that would be a lie.” He also stated that many games have been influenced by Megaman so there is nothing wrong with creating a similar game.

I am honestly looking forward to this game. It apparently will be coming to consoles and should be a great arcade game. I hope you guys are as pumped as I am because I know I’ll try to get it when it comes out. From the video on the Kickstarter page, the game looks different enough that I don’t believe there will be any issues legally.

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