Next Gen Version of Rayman: Legends Coming Soon

Ubisoft has recently announced that the release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of their platformer has been pushed up.

The game was originally supposed to release on February 28th, 2014, but will now hit store shelves in North America on February 18th, and other territories on February 21st.


Rayman Legends started out as a Wii U exclusive, but was ported to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation Vita along with the Wii U version after the sales of the fledgling console began to drop after launch. The game was released worldwide on September 3rd, 2013 to rave reviews. A next gen version was announced soon after.


My Opinion

I never picked the game up on the PS3 or 360, so I will probably pick it up on the PlayStation 4 when the price goes down a bit. And if I like it enough, I’ll pick it up on the Vita, because why not?

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