Resogun Review

Resogun is a PlayStation 4 exclusive indie game developed by Housemarque; the same developer who made Super Stardust HD. It is considered a side scrolling shoot ‘em up game and was released on November 15th in North America. It was released as one of the two free PlayStation Plus games at the launch of the PlayStation 4.

At first I was not going to write about the story in this game because there really isn’t one to write about. I was wrong though, you need to know the premise of the story and why you’re doing what you’re doing. You are a space ship in space trying to save humans from aliens: plain and simple. Let’s move on.

Resogun is VERY pretty. There are flashing bright colors all over the screen throughout the entire game; which makes for quite the fireworks show. The graphics are so pretty in fact that they can become distracting. There are space ships, lasers, and fireballs all over the screen that are all beautiful, but it is easy to get lost on the screen with the cluster of space debris. This, however, is the nature of a space shoot ‘em up game and does not take away from its appeal. One of the most impressive parts of Resogun’s presentation was the fact that it uses the speaker on the controller to announce when things are happening in the game, such as what power-up you picked up or if “Keepers” have entered the battle. This in itself is nothing significant, but it shows off what the PlayStation 4 can do and it wowed me the first time I heard it.

The gameplay is what the entire experience is all about. It is a very addictive “twin stick shooter” game. You use one stick to fly up and down and the other to shoot your lasers at the enemies. You also have bombs that can destroy everything on the screen and a special laser as well that destroys everything it hits instantly. Your ship has the ability to dash forward and run into enemies to kill them as well. These are just the shooter mechanics. You also are tasked with saving the little green humans on the screen which is really fun on its own. After killing Keepers, a human will be released from their cell and you have to go and pick them up and take them to a green tractor beam at the top of the screen. This is entertaining to do while trying to avoid and shoot all of the enemies surrounding you. There are weapon upgrades that will fall from the top periodically that will allow your lasers to get bigger and stronger. Another part of the game that makes it so fun is the points multiplier. If you combo enough kills you will continually add to your multiplier and rack up points much faster. This allows you to set huge high scores and beat all of your friends on the leader boards. Speaking of the leader boards, you can see where you are ranked in the world on them very easily. This game can also be played multiplayer with your friends over PlayStation Network; probably local as well but I couldn’t test that.

The Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

This is not a game for everyone. It is one of those silly fast paced arcade like shooters that can be addictive to the right person. I found it very fun to just destroy aliens and watch the pretty explosions while trying to save all of the humans. It becomes even more fun when playing it with your friends to try and beat levels faster and get more points. It is a very short game; you can probably beat it in an hour depending on the difficulty you play on, but it has a ton of replayability with all of the difficulties and leader boards. If you’re into arcade space shooters, I highly recommend getting this game, especially since it’s free on PlayStation Plus right now!

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