Resogun PS Vita

Resogun Coming to PS Vita

Resogun is officially coming to PlayStation Vita. Initially this information was noted from Sony XDev Studio Europe executive producer James Hawkins in a comment on the PlayStation Blog.

In response to a user question about a PS Vita version of Resogun, Hawkins writes; “Keep watching this space, the VITA version is coming and is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great!”

Today, Resogun developer Housemarque has officially confirmed that a PS Vita version is in the works. The port is being developed by Climax Studios, the team behind Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition on PlayStation 4 and Dead Nation on PS Vita. Stay tuned for more information.

Check out MONG’s review of Resogun and the first expansion, Resogun: Hereos.

My Opinion:

This is very interesting as I know Resogun needed the power of the PlayStation 4 to render all those voxels. I am curious as to how the PS Vita version will look and run. Either way though, this is very welcome news as I’d love to play Resogun on the go and it should fit very well on the platform.

Ryan Amirault is an Associate Writer for MONG and is pumped to hear that he’ll be able to chase those high scores in Resogun while out and about. You should follow him on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Resogun Coming to PS Vita”

  1. MORE RESOGUN!!! Will you all play this on the go? Is there anyone who hasn’t even played the game yet but will start when it hits the PS Vita?


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