Ubisoft is Getting Bigger and Bigger


In an official comment to Middle of Nowhere Gaming regarding continued Nintendo support, Ubisoft stated “the investment of 28M$CAN and the 100 new jobs announced today is in the objective of giving Ubisoft Quebec City the means to lead the development of Next-gen AAA games for all platforms. Ubisoft has always supported Nintendo as well as the other first parties.”


Original Story:

While game studios seem to be closing up shop periodically, it is far from the case with Ubisoft. Today they officially announced that they are investing $28 million (over the next three years) in order to create 100 new positions at Ubisoft Quebec City studio. With this investment, Ubisoft hopes to help strengthen the studio’s infrastructure and take the lead on next-gen development.
Ubisoft Quebec City studio has been responsible for nearly 25 games, including the critically aclaimed Assassin’s CreedMight & Magic, and Prince of Persia series.






My Opinion:

It is fantastic to see some game studios grow. While we are only at the beginning of this generation’s life-cycle, it seems clear that Ubisoft has no intention of missing a beat. And judging from the myriad of recent delays, they may need that extra help.



Seems to me this could be Ubisoft investing heavier into Nintendo systems. Ubisoft Quebec has been the stuido working heavily on the recent Wii U iterations of major franchises (Assassin’s Creed series), as well as historically working on Wii and DS titles. We have contacted Ubisoft and Ubisoft Quebec for a comment.


Check the photo below (nabbed from Wikipedia) for a list of past titles.


Source: Ubisoft Press Release

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