“No Plans” for No Kinect

In an interview with Eurogamer, Xbox UK marketing chief Harvey Eagle stated that Microsoft is sticking to its guns with keeping Kinect in the box. “[A Kinect-less Xbox One] is not in our plans at all.”

“As we’ve said from the very beginning, we believe Kinect is an absolutely integral part of the Xbox One experience.”

This shouldn’t come as any surprise to Xbox One gamers, as all the games that come out require some form of Kinect functionality. Eagle went on to say that, “Kinect makes the experience on Xbox One even better.”

Source: Eurogamer

My Opinion:

This should come as a surprise to no one. Microsoft is intent on trying to take over the living room, of not just the hardcore gamer but of the casual audience as well; and they see the Kinect as the means to that end. More importantly, it is one of the few differentiators between it and the PS4. Microsoft needs to continue to show what separates it and what makes it better than the PS4. The Kinect is simply another bullet point on that list.

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