Angry Birds Epic Adds an RPG Spin

Angry Birds Epic, the newest game from franchise developer Rovio Games, will be released in Canada and Australia later this month, but this is not the same old Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Epic is an adventure RPG with turn-based combat and a large crafting system. After a teaser trailer released earlier this month, the game was officially revealed to be releasing in Canada and Australia for mobile devices later this week, with other countries following after. The crafting system will have the birds wearing armor and arming (winging?) themselves with weapons and potions, which can also be purchased via microtransactions.


My Opinion


No. Just no. Rovio, this is an intervention. You have an obsession, and its not healthy. You currently have ten other games either out or in development from this one franchise. Sure, it was cute when you starting spoofing Star Wars and kinda funny when you did it a second time, but enough is enough. You tried your hand at a kart racer, and that didn’t do well. You tried turning to Facebook for turning the tide, but you couldn’t repeat your success. Now you have a film, a cartoon series, and an RPG in the works? REALLY? It is not worth it. The magic of the series  and its simplicity is long gone now, and it is only time before you start making Angry Birds Doom: a first person shooter where the pigs have gone too far and the birds need to take up arms to get revenge. Actually, hold on while I copyright that so that you, Rovio, do not steal it and actually make it a game.


Source: Kotaku


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