Backlog Spotlight: Origins

As a kid, I loved video games. However, I wasn’t the most adventurous with my game choices. I played the Zelda games and a handful of other games until I knew just about every secret. By the time I got a PS3, I became too busy in school and work to play games as often. As a result of all this, I missed many great games and classics such as Metal Gear Solid, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, and even Half Life. After College, I took an internship and moved, leaving me no time to play games anymore. During this time period I met a girl and got engaged. Around the time of the wedding, I was about to sell my PS3, since I didn’t have time for it anymore. I felt like those days were behind me, but I decided to hold on to it and use it as a Blu-ray player.


In a last ditch effort to hold on to my youth, I grabbed Assassin’s Creed II on sale for about $5 at GameStop.  I knew I didn’t have much time, but for $5, I decided to give it a shot. I loved it and didn’t want to put it down. However, I was still very busy–It took me months to finish, but afterwards I was hooked back on gaming. At this point I started visiting message boards, video game websites, and researching all the games I had missed. I also discovered Steam just in time for my first Holiday sale. I quickly began collecting all the classics I had missed.




My first plan was to play them in order of release. I started by playing the older games I had missed like Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. They were fun, but some games didn’t age very well and I wasn’t always in the mood for them.  To exacerbate the situation, I was inspired to go ahead and build my first PC. My graphics card came with Steam codes for Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. I never played those series, but I wasn’t going to pass them up for free. After playing those at max settings, it was hard to go back to the classics.


BioShockInfinite 2013-03-27 19-21-19-34


My next plan was to try and play all the games I had missed before the next game in the franchise released. This resulted in me rushing through as many games as I could to catch up. This was fine at first, but quickly began to wear on me. I discovered that frantically rushing through games was not a fun way to play them. I should have enjoyed Uncharted 2 and others like it more than I did, but all I wanted to do was finish. Even though it felt like a waste, I realized that I couldn’t play everything I missed. This was a tough pill to swallow.


At the beginning of the year, I decided to give Borderlands a try and I loved it. Not long after it, I picked up Borderlands 2 on sale and loved that too. This is one of the benefits of a slow year for new releases. I get to work on that backlog. If a new game comes out, I play it, like I did with South Park: The Stick of Truth at the beginning of March. If a new game comes out, but I want to play the previous game(s) in the franchise, then I play the older ones first. I recently did that when inFAMOUS Second Son released. I had already played inFAMOUS but not inFAMOUS 2. I played 2 since I was in the mood for it, and it became my first platinum game on Playstation. I got the itch for Metal Gear when Ground Zeroes released, so I started playing Metal Gear Solid (for the PS1) and loved that too.




Some people have been upset with the small amount of releases this year, but I have looked at it as a great opportunity.  My backlog plan has been awesome so far, but if it wasn’t, I would just play something else. There isn’t enough gaming time to play something that isn’t fun, so play what you want.


Backlog Spotlight is a segment I will periodically write discussing games that I missed over the years and finally got around to playing. This is the first of the series and will be followed up with game recaps as I beat them. If you want a sample of what they will look like, I recently discussed my experience with Metal Gear Solid.


Ryan Latuso is a new editor for MONG and the owner of many unplayed video games. Follow him on IGN.

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