MONG Podcast Episode 31 – Has Nintendo Already Lost E3?

Has Nintendo Already Lost E3? What do you think?

This week the team discussed all of the newly announced PS4 indie games, some new Destiny information, DRIVECLUB, the Watch_Dogs DLC, May’s instant game collection, the Atari Landfill, the PSN Golden Week Sale, the PS4 update, and all of the Nintendo news regarding E3!

Listen to the MP3 version of the podcast here!

Or watch the YouTube version below!

4 thoughts on “MONG Podcast Episode 31 – Has Nintendo Already Lost E3?”

  1. It’s weird, Nintendo isn’t going to do press conferences anymore. It seems like they look dumb now, but I imagine that the press conferences will go away sometime in the future. In five years we will be getting XBL Directs and PSN Directs. The big announcements will come through those, I believe. Think about how much of the message get lost when the companies are presenting to large crowds of corporate insiders and some journalists. Think about all of that noise. A video stream can be curated to present the best look at a game and highlight the features with less chance of an on-stage snafu. I had a clearer picture of what Nintendo’s games were about and how they looked from the E3 direct than I did about the PS4 and XBox One games’ features and visuals.

    All three companies will still have booths to let press play their games. And we will still get good coverage. I think that maybe people will look back on Nintendo’s actions as forging ahead to the future instead of giving up. Unless they just go back to press conferences.


  2. This guy is a moron. Nintendo, has announced constant games all the time.

    They released more games than Sony and MS combined.


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