Capcom Reveals Mega Man Virtual Console Schedule

Last month it was revealed that all Game Boy and Game Boy Color Mega Man games would be released on 3DS Virtual Console in what was dubbed ‘Mega May’. Capcom even opened a poll (as seen here) to let Mega Man fans vote for the Game Boy Mega Man title they wanted to see released first. According to Joystiq, the full schedule has been revealed.

Mega Man Mega MayLast Thursday, May 1st, Mega Man Xtreme (GBC) was released on the eShop for $4.99. This week, we will be graced with Mega Man II and Mega Man III, each including four of the bosses from their NES counterparts. Mega Man IV, which has bosses from two different NES Mega Man titles, will be released on May 15th. On May 22nd, Mega Man V will be available for download. Rather than reuse content from the NES Mega Man titles, Mega Man V has an original storyline and new weapons and bosses. Finally, on May 29th, Mega Man Xtreme 2 (GBC), a portable title in Mega Man X series, will be released.

This will mark the first time that all Game Boy Mega Man games will be available outside of finding the original cartridges. Which one(s) will you be picking up?

My Opinion:

Zero complaints. I used to own some of these games, but I was a dumb kid, and I lost them. I’m excited to have them again, and to try the games I missed the first time around.

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