Shin Megami Tensei News Teased for Playstation Network

Exciting news hit the Shin Megami Tensei subreddit today that apparently lucky North American PS3 owners should keep their eyes peeled tomorrow for a secret surprise.

Though there were no solid details on what exactly the folks over at Atlus have planned here’s what they had to say;


You’re probably going to want to fire up your PS3s and keep an eye on the PS Store tomorrow.

…if you’re in North America. (Sorry again, EU-bros 😦 )

And if you’re thinking “but wait, I didn’t hear anything SMT related on the PlayStation blogcast this weekend,” it’s because I had to make a quick phone call to keep it secret. 🙂


Feel free to go check out the comments over at the subreddit. There you can see all of the speculation on what exactly is going to be dropped in our laps. It sounds like the general consensus is that people want to see re-releases of Shin Megami Tenseis Digital Devil Saga and Nocturne. Both titles were PlayStation 2 releases which were a bit rare in their original release windows.


My Opinion


YES! This is amazing news. As a long time fan of the Megami Tensei series, the thought of Atlus re-releasing any of their titles gives me goose bumps. As a sucker for collecting things (especially when they evolve and change like the monsters in Atlus’ series) SMT had me from the get go when I first played one of the original Gameboy titles. If the news really is that Atlus is bringing back Nocturne and/or Digital Devil Saga, or even bringing some of the Japanese only titles over to the U.S., I swear to some higher being that I just might lose my mind. I’ve always wanted to get my chance to play more of the series (especially Digital Devil and Nocturne) and if they’re dropping for the PS3 then who knows? PS4 getting the titles could be just around the corner.


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