Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Headed West This Fall

This morning, video game publisher XSEED announced the upcoming localization and release of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus in America this Fall.

Siliconera reported that MarvelousAQL’s 3D brawler will be making its long-awaited stateside release on PS Vita this fall as both a downloadable title and a limited run of physical copies. The physical edition will include a soundtrack CD and a “Shinobi Syllabus” that includes profiles and illustrations of the game’s characters.

Shinovi Versus is a sequel to the 3DS sidescroller Senran Kagura Burst. The game will continue the story of the previous title. It follows the five elite members of the secret ninja school Hanzo Academy and their rivals, a five-woman underground mercenary force called the Homura Crimson Squad. Shinovi Versus introduces two all-new teams of shinobi: five from the Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy (the Crimson Squad’s former school), and five from the never-before-seen Gessen Girls’ academy. All twenty of these characters are playable in-game.


Just like Senran Kagura Burst before it, Shinovi Versus is an action beat-’em-up title with an all-female cast. Returning from Burst is the series’ signature clothing damage mechanic: taking too much damage causes your character’s clothing to deteriorate. This functions like armor damage, causing your character to take more damage from attacks as their clothes become more torn. Unlike Burst, in Shinovi Versus combat takes place in all three dimensions, making gameplay more akin to Dynasty Warriors rather than Streets of Rage. This game also includes an online versus mode for up to four players, a first for the series.

At this time, no price point nor exact release date has been announced.

My Opinion:

XSEED has been teasing this one for a while, so I’m not surprised by the announcement. I am, however, really glad it’s happening – the ability to play this game, whether in English or Japanese, was probably the biggest reason I bought a Vita in the first place. I picked up Senran Kagura Burst on a whim and was quite pleasantly surprised by both the enjoyability of the combat and the strength of the plot, characters, and writing – things I wasn’t initially expecting from a game that’s so upfront about fanservice. I’ll be picking this up for sure, not only because the game looks fantastic, but because I want to support the series in hopes that we’ll get a similar announcement for the upcoming 3DS title, Senran Kagura 2.

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4 thoughts on “Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Headed West This Fall”

  1. I hope this comes out in Europe. I think it might play better as a 3D brawler than the 2D side scroller we got on the 3DS.


    1. Yeah, I hope so too! I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen eventually, given the fact that Europe got a physical release and special edition of the 3DS game.


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