ESO is Getting Better by the Minute

Zenimax is planning to bring quite an impressive amount of new features to their MMO The Elder Scrolls Online on top of the normal bug fixes. According to Zenimax; “This game will get better and better every week.”

The developers over at Zenimax have had been staying on top of things and reading every piece of feedback they can find about ESO. That includes both the good and the bad. They’ve been taking everything they’ve found into account and are working on known problems like bug fixes and solving the botting problem.

Although Zenimax isn’t sure when the update bringing the following additions in will come, they say that all of them are currently in “active development.”

The biggest of these new additions is said to be the “justice system.” This addition will add the ability for players to rob and/or kill the games NPCs. However, no one should expect to get off scot free as there will be consequences for such actions, though said consequences have not yet been detailed.

For fans of the guilds of ESO, there will be new storylines and quests introduced for the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild. Soon you’ll also be able to see your death recap. It’ll let you get some info on what killed you and what ability they did so with. On top of all that there will also be armor dyeing options, veteran dungeons, spellcrafting, animation tweaks and polish, horse racing, better NPC facial animations, awards when you repeat dungeons, and so much more. For the people who happen to be suckers for a pretty landscape, the Craglorn zone (introduced in the first patch) will be updated with a fresh, new region. In short, it sounds like you’ll be hard-pressed to not find something to enjoy in the new additions.


My Opinion:


This is good news. The pitfall that most MMOs tend to find themselves in is that they don’t update with fresh content fast enough. We gamers can be a fickle and impatient crowd at times and everyone wants a game that can grab and hold them. Zenimax appears to know this and is not only appealing to that sentiment but also doing the “Good Guy Greg” thing and actually listening. Another issue that could be cited for game development is that some developers get tunnel vision and don’t listen to the players. I’m not saying every idea should be taken into account, a lot of them are just horrible, but there is success in paying attention to what the gaming community is saying about your game. It looks like ESO has a good team behind it and definitely has high chances of survival if they keep up like this.


Myles K Farrington is a new writer on the MONG team and a rather dapper fellow. Keep up with him over at IGN as well!


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