The Dragon Age: Inquisition for the Most Refined of Inquisitors

Are you excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition? Do you have $170 laying around? Are you a collector of interesting video game based memorabilia? If so, the newly announced Inquisitor’s Editionof Dragon Age: Inquisition might just be the tier of this coming release that you want to get in on.



That picture was tweeted earlier today by Mark Darrah, executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise. It shows all the odds and ends that’ll be coming to you if you decide you’re enough of a fan of Dragon Age to pay the hefty price tag attached to this package. It’s pricey but for $170 you’ll get your hands on:


    • A cloth map of the world of Thedas.
    • “War Table” map marking pieces.
    • A steel game case.
    • The Dragon Age: Inquisition game itself.
    • An Inquisitor’s badge.
    • Coins from the Orlesian nation of Thedas.
    • A lock pick set.
    • An ink and quill pen set.
    • Sketchbook
    • A 72-card major and minor arcana tarot deck.
    • Last but not least, the faux reptile skin box (with red satin lining) that pulls the whole presentation together.


The Inquisitor’s Edition sounds like a very high value item which will make you feel like you’re really in the game. With Inquisition’s October 7th release so far off you’ve still got time to get to GameStop (as Darrah seemed to suggest) and pre-order this tier of the Dragon Age: Inquisition experience.


My Opinion:


While the price tag is forbidding me from from going out and laying claim to one of these lovely sets, I think it’s a fairly interesting take onthe collector’s edition trend that’s been cropping up. I always find it interesting when physical items are bundled in with the games I buy and it sounds like the Inquisitor’s Edition is taking that concept and turning it on it’s head in the best of ways. It seems that BioWare took all the creativity they put into their games and did the same with the incentives for this package which is a very good thing. On top of that, if the Mass Effect 3 collector’s edition can shed any light on this one then everything in this treasure trove is going to be high quality stuff.


Myles K Farrington is a new writer on the MONG team and a rather dapper fellow. Keep up with him over at IGN as well!

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