Ubisoft Reveals Watch Dogs Actual Resolution/Frame Rate

Contrary to what PlayStation.com posted on their Watch Dogs page earlier this week, Watch Dogs will not run at 1080p and 60fps on the PlayStation 4.

After PlayStation.com removed the banner that proudly stated what Watch Dogs’ resolution and framerate would be, Ubisoft has officially confirmed it was wrong by saying that Watch Dogs will run at 900p, 30 frames per second on PlayStation 4 and 792p, 30 frames per second on Xbox One.

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin said, “Resolution is a number, just like framerate is a number. All those numbers are valid aspects of making games.”

For the full explanation on the resolution differences, check out Ubisoft’s official blog.

Watch Dogs is set for release on May 27th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

My Opinion:

WHAT?! You mean it won’t be perfect on PlayStation 4!? Okay, all kidding aside, who cares? Here we see one more example of the PlayStation 4’s resolution for a game being a little higher than the Xbox One, but that will only matter to the cynics and the fanboys at the end of the day.  The rest of us just want to play games and have fun.  I am just ready to watch some dogs already!  

Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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