Pro-Rated Refunds Offered Due to box Live Gold Pay Wall Changes

Microsoft has been throwing everyone for a loop this week with their back tracks and changes in protocol. Their decisions to change things will likely have some long felt effects though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The first repercussion comes to us in the form of Microsoft offering pro-rated refunds due to the recent changes in the Xbox Live Gold pay wall.

Now that you no longer have to have Xbox Live Gold to use popular apps (such as Netflix, Twitch, and HBO Go) Microsoft is doing the right thing by offering refunds to the people who want them. The refund will require a cancellation of the Gold service and will consist of an amount proportionate to the time left on your subscription.

Of course you have to have bought into the membership before the June update drops which changes things. With the request window closing on August 31st, people will have plenty of time to make a decision on if they want to drop Gold or not. As per usual with refunds of this type, it will take a bit of time (six to eight weeks) to process and be delivered.


My Opinion:


There’s no question here that Microsoft is trying to fix their image in the eyes of the consumers. They’ve been making changes across the board that seem to parallel what people have been asking for. This is a good play for them and is likely restoring the lost faith in the eyes of some people. It’s certainly making me more and more prone to support them again. Offering the refund is just the right thing to do and I’m happy that Microsoft seems to have broken out of it’s little bad decision phase and is playing its cards right.


Myles K Farrington is a new writer on the MONG team and a rather dapper fellow. Keep up with him over at IGN as well!


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