The Walking Dead: Season 2, Ep. 3 “In Harms Way” Review

There are no developers like Telltale Games, as a matter of fact, their biggest competitor is unmistakingly themselves. After the critical success of The Walking Dead: Season One, It must be unnerving for Telltale to try and live up to the expectations they’ve thrust upon them selves.

NOTE: Minor spoilers ahead. Play Episodes One & Two before reading.

It has been no misfire since Season Two of The Walking Dead debuted last December. Thus far, Season Two keeps things moving at a steady pace. Clementine has aged very little, but matured plentifully. She is no stranger to death, and that speaks through her actions. Clementine is a small, but ruthless little girl.

Episode Two ended with Clem and and her group being captured by Carver, episode two’s sketchy antagonist. So much about Carver had been shrouded in mystery, i’m happy to say that in Episode Three, many things come to light.

After two episodes of the plot primarily focusing on Clementine, it was a great change of pace to get some insight on other characters, new and old. I will also note that this episode introduces a variety of new characters. Some lack refinement and grace, and you will instantly despise them. But other new survivors aren’t necessarily ones to dismiss. In other words, a few of them could be an essential part to your group. These characters will surely have a huge impact on the next two episodes.

This episode is heavy on dialog; so much that I could literally play using one hand. But I was completely fine with that because It was done so incredibly well. I honestly wouldn’t mind if future episodes were just like this one. I was on the edge of my seat this entire episode, something the first two episodes weren’t able to do to me.

One thing that has stood out to me this episode, and really this entire Season, is how the sound adds to the immersion of the game. From leaves blowing in the wind and birds chirping, to the sound of walkers gnawing on human flesh, the audio presentation is phenomenal. The soundtrack gives off such an eery feeling that you can’t help but feel the hopelessness and despair surrounding Clementine. It’s a decaying world, and each day humanity gets a little more out of whack.

Episodes One and Two were plagued with typical Telltale technical issues. Unfortunately, Episode Three keeps the trend alive. “In Harms Way” still has frame-rate issues and is filled with moments of stuttering. Telltale is a smaller company, but is growing more and more with their new found success, these graphical hiccups and bugs shouldn’t be an issue. Although, I did notice that this episode, to me, had a bit more polish than the previous two. Kudos to Telltale.

This season has caused you as the player to feel disgusted, uneasy, and somewhat angry. You truly feel the pain and suffering that Clem endures on her travels. That’s what Telltale excels at, and that’s what The Walking Dead is all about. This episode is a true statement to what Telltale is capable of.

The Verdict: 9.0 out of 10

“In Harms Way” is another superb Episode of The Walking Dead. Full of interesting new characters, memorable scenes, and an insane conclusion. This is hands down my favorite Episode of this Season.

Brett is one of MONG’s Editors, and obsessed with Pokémon lore. You can follow him on Twitter to hear about how lame he is!

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