The Geekend Update: 5/23/14

Weekends are meant to be used strictly for gaming; at least that’s what we think anyways.  So here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend!  Are you playing any of the games we are?

Courtney Osborn, Founder & Editor in Chief:

This weekend I will be playing Wolfenstein: The New Order all weekend long! You can watch the first two hours of my Let’s Play for it here.  I might stream it a little tonight too, so be sure and check in to my channel.  

Lou Contaldi, Senior Editor:

Finally my first weekend off of law school! I’ll be starting the summer off right on a more athletic note. I’m diving in to Wii Fit U and Mario Golf, in eager anticipation of Mario Kart 8. Additionally, I’m home with the family and girlfriend, so Super Mario 3D World is always on the table.

Oh, I can’t forget Hearthstone. I’m always playing Hearthstone. Forever.

Chad Waller, Editor:

I’m terribly sorry that I’m so unbelievably boring when it comes to video games. I don’t really have any plans for playing them, but I do want to write about them this weekend. Been slacking on that front. So yeah. Not much going on.

Shawn Richards, Editor:

Don’t ask my why, don’t ask me how, but I have been sucked into Minecraft again, making and testing little death towers. Then I might play a little Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita. Follow my antics on Twitter @LittleBigHamm.

Brett Medlock, Editor:

Still addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS! I’m also playing through The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds finally. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. I’m not usually into the top down Zelda games as much as the third person ones. But I really enjoy the puzzles involving Link turning into a painting. Aside from those two i’m slowly getting through South Park still. I recently finished The Walking Dead: Season 2 Ep. 3, and loved it! You can read my review of it hereif you’re interested!

PSN – brettnll

Twitter – brettnll

Ryan Latuso, Editor:

Everything I play is currently just a stall until I get Watch Dogs on Tuesday. I have been bouncing between Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, and God of War 2. I have beaten all of those games and just been gaining trophies in my spare time. I need to pick back up in Bravely Default but I tend to forget I have a 3DS.

Dustin LaRoe, Editor:

I’m going to hang up Kerbal Space Program, Trials Fusion and Super Time force for a little while and focus on Civilization V. I’ve saved all of the expansion packs, and now that I hae a decent computer, I’ll probably start in on that game for real this weekend. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to watch me get destroyed by Ghandi the Warmonger, but my Twitch username is Guy105, if you’re interested.

I’m still working through all of the challenges in Mario Golf too.

Benjamin Luthi, Editor:

This weekend I’ll be trying out the new DLC courses on Mario Golf World Tour. So, I’ll play several good rounds of virtual golf, followed by one very poor round of real golf.

Later, I’ll probably play more Mario Kart. Last Sunday, I played every track of every Mario Kart game, so I’ve fallen in love with all of them again. They are all so great! I’ll also probably try to squeeze in a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Looney Tunes B-Ball for good measure.

Myles Farrington, Editor:

The highlight of my weekend will be if I hear back from one of the many places I applied to get a job. My life is sad and uninteresting until games come out, or I succeed at getting gainful employment. These are the summer doldrums, folks.

Colin Conroy, Editor:

This weekend I’m going to try and make a dent in my backlog by finishing GTA V and Infamous: Second Son. I’ll probably also try to get my first platinum in Second Son. Basically, I’m trying to make my way through some older games before I move on to the new ones like Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein: The New Order. I’m always looking for people to play with, so feel free to add me on PSN and Steam at Saratoga77.

Aaron Dobbe, Editor:

The plan is to finish off Conception II this long weekend, so keep an eye out for my review soon! I’ll probably still be playing Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate online on PS3 (how is everyone so much better than me at this game), and maybe go back to finish up Kirby: Triple Deluxe. I’ve been itching to play some mahjong this week but haven’t found the time, so I’m gonna try and round up some people this weekend to play with. Not mahjong solitaire, real mahjong.

Audrey Lips, Editor:

This weekend is going to be a love affair between me and my bed. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be carrying my portable arsenal under the sheets with me.

Specifically, I’m going to be playing a drinking game with Hearthstone. Whenever I lose a game, I will take a shot. Fortunately for me, I’m terrible at the game.

Mike Morrissette, Editor:

This weekend Yoshida, the producer for FFXIV, will be giving one of his famous Live Letters. So, I’ll be awake at 4am Saturday morning eager to listen to him ramble in japanese as I pretend to know what he’s saying. Aside from that, I have a few job interviews, and a bunch of homework that I have to do so gaming will be at a minimum for me this weekend. But look forward to my write-up of the producer’s letter right after it finishes!

Landon Luthi, Editor:

I have taken a hiatus from Dark Souls 2 because I am running out of stuff to break.  I will only have a little time to play Bravely Default on and off again as I will hopefully be fishing.  Weather isn’t too promising, so it’s possible that I could begin Bioshock:Infinite on PC instead.

Mark Merville, Editor:

Unfortunately my new job is taking up pretty much all of my motivation and time this weekend. If I do get some gaming in it will most likely be on the 6th Pre-Alpha release of Richard Garriot’s new game Shroud of the Avatar. If you haven’t checked out this game yet, it’s time to start paying attention. By this time next year it will most likely be one of the top MMOs.

So what will you be playing this weekend?


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