Wolfenstein: The New Order – First Impressions

Unfortunately I was not able to get a review copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order ahead of release date, so my review for it won’t arrive until this weekend or early next week.  However, I did pick up a copy yesterday and began my playthrough of it so I will give you my first impressions here.  Keep in mind, this is not an official review because I have only played the first four hours.

How is the story?  


First, let me mention that so far the game is HEAVILY story driven.  This is not your typical throwaway first person shooter campaign; it doesn’t just drop you into a map with your only instruction coming from a commanding officer yelling at you to keep moving.  No, this game is full of cutscenes, dialogue, and incredible action movie-like moments.  The characters are all likeable and have their own unique personalities.  Just when I thought the story was getting really good, a huge event happens that flips everything on its head and revealed that I had only just finished the prologue section of the game.  Since that moment, the story has only gotten better and made me care more about the characters around me.  I am extremely excited to see how the story ends up.

How is the gameplay?


Easy answer.  It is a first person shooter, and it feels like a good one should.  Simple as that.  The ability to dual wield heavy weapons makes you feel like a badass.  But it is the fact that you can approach each mission stealthily as well that makes it awesome.  I love changing up how I approach each level.  You can level up your abilities by accomplishing different tasks.  For instance, if you stealth kill a few enemies, you gain the ability to throw your knives.  This makes sneaking around a level much more fun because you can start slinging your knife across it to get long range stealth kills.

I asked around for questions people wanted to know about Wolfenstein: The New Order, so here are my answers to those:


Is it fun?


Are you a fan of first person shooters?  Then yes.  Are you a fan of alternate history? Then yes.  Are you a fan of strategically approaching a level with stealth or running and gunning without a care? Then yes.  If none of the above describe you, then stay far away from this game.

Do the Nazis speak German?


Yes..? It depends on where you are and who is there.  There is a mixture of different languages and also different accents speaking English.  But yes, it is authentic to the point that the entire game is not English.

Is it worth making a WW2 era shooter in this day and age?


It depends on who you ask.  For me, as a history buff, I would love to see a GOOD WW2 shooter.  I don’t technically count this as one.  You are only actually in the war for a little bit, and even then it is alternate history so its doesn’t quite fit that genre.  If a good team were to tackle a WW2 shooter, I would love to play it.  At one point we were bogged down with WW2 shooters, but that time has come and gone and now we are becoming bogged down with “sci-fi shooters” and “future warfare” type shooters.  I would like to see it come full circle before too long.

How come every time I drop my toast, it lands butter side down?


Karma? Bad luck? Gravity? Probably a combination of the three.  I would practice holding it if I were you.


Is it worth $60?


This question has come up several times, and it is the hardest to answer.  First of all, that is a very subjective way of describing the game.  A $60 game may be worth it for me, but not for someone else.  Secondly, I have only played four hours of what is supposed to be a 20 hour game.  There is no way for me to justify a $60 purchase until I finish the game and gather up my final thoughts.  At this point, it is absolutely worth a rent at the very least.  I will have a review for it within the next 3-4 days, so be on the lookout for that and I will be able to answer this question there.


Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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