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GodStrike Impressions

Godstrike is an intense boss-rush game by OverPowered Team that will give any bullet rush fan a run for their money. The steep learning curve, paired with the various upgrades and abilities, can allure some players, but may have pushed a bit too hard for me to fully enjoy this adventure.

In Godstrike, you’re in control of Herald Yissia, the fast moving protagonist, where the goal is to defeat various creatures and beings through multi-phased boss battles. After defeating each boss, you gain more abilities and powers to customize how to progress and plan to defeat the other bosses. 

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Hands On with Marvel’s Avengers

With the announcement of Ms. Marvel joining the playable list of characters in Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix seems to have finally presented a slew of new information to get more players excited about their upcoming game. During New York Comic Con 2019, I was able to go hands-on with the introductory mission to Marvel’s Avengers. Though I was expecting a lukewarm demo, I was happily impressed by the gameplay mechanics, hints of the future, and ending trailer showcasing more of the game that is to come.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon demo impressions

Pokémon Sun and Moon are Nintendo’s flagship titles for the upcoming holiday season, and look to introduce many new features and improvements to the beloved franchise. To give fans a taste of what they can expect in the game, Nintendo and Pokémon Company have released a short demo that serves as a brief introduction to the Alola region. The demo is available now for aspiring trainers and gives an interesting, if shallow, sample of the anticipated titles.
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World of Final Fantasy First Impressions

After spending some time with the World of Final Fantasy Dungeon Demo now available on the PlayStation Store, we are ready to share with you a few of our early impressions of Square Enix’s newest Final Fantasy game.

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NYCC 2015: Hands-On Impressions of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Peanut butter and jelly. Nachos and cheese. Bert and Ernie. Pairs that, though the single items may be great, become infinitely more amazing once they are combined. Now imagine this: the LEGO franchise and all things Marvel. The incredible combination is LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. I’m here to tell you that, yes, it is as amazing as it sounds! Continue reading NYCC 2015: Hands-On Impressions of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Impressions

When I got my PlayStation 4 there was hardly any games to play on it. It hadn’t been out that long and the games I really wanted weren’t out yet. So I had a small selection of PlayStation 4 games to play. Infamous: Second Son was already out and I enjoyed that, but I wanted something else to play. The only game that intrigued me at the time was Call of Duty: Ghosts. Continue reading Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Impressions

Mafia III Gamescom 2015 Preview

The Mafia series is one that has always revolved around the idea of family. Whether it’s Tommy Angelo from the first game trying to protect his wife and child or Vito Scaletta working for the mob to help his mother and sister out of debt, family has been a cornerstone of the series’ stories. The upcoming Mafia III is no different but that’s where the similarities end, as developer Hanger 13 aims to take the franchise into a new and diverse direction. Continue reading Mafia III Gamescom 2015 Preview

Just Shapes & Beats Preview

While checking out indie games at Atlanta, Georgia’s Momocon, one game was absolutely hard to miss. That game was Berzerk Studios’ Just Shapes & Beats. After playing an early build of the game, I can already tell Just Shapes & Beats can crescendo into something special when it launches this winter. Continue reading Just Shapes & Beats Preview