Alien Isolation: New Game Mode at E3

Sega’s plans for E3 include a playable version of Alien: Isolation, according to Sega’s official blog.

“Sega and Creative Assembly will also be presenting an exciting new [Alien: Isolation] game mode, playable for the first time on the show floor.”

While this isn’t the first preview opportunity for Alien: Isolation, E3 2014 will be the first public showing of the game.

Alien: Isolation comes out October 7th on both current and last gen consoles as well as Windows PC.

My Opinion:

So, what does a “new game mode” exactly mean? Up until now, I’ve been under the impression that Alien: Isolation was a single-player only affair, but perhaps there’s more to it than that. I hope not. When I seek out horror games, I expect single-player experiences with all of the bells and whistles in one place: The Campaign.

Perhaps this is merely poor wording and the “new game mode” is just a different preview area of Alien: Isolation. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Chad Waller is an editor at MONG who has lots of opinions. He’s currently working on a video game and sometimes likes to write stuff

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