Evolve Hits Xbox One First and There’s a New Monster in Town

News from E3 places the new title Evolve (Turtle Rock Studios) as hitting the Xbox One first.

According to the trailer from the Microsoft press conference, there will be Evolve beta access and DLC dropping for their console before anywhere else.

On top of that, the trailer also revealed the elusive second monster which had been mentioned in passing and when concerning pre-order bonuses. It appears to be a Lovecraftian inspired beast that seems to use electricity in a similar capacity that the Goliath uses fire.

As E3 went on, it was revealed that the new monster goes by the name of Kraken.

My Opinion:

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! I had to, I apologize to anyone whom I’ve hurt with my bad jokes. All of that aside, I am SO excited. I have been wondering what the second monster was going to be since I first pre-ordered my copy of Evolve and I am definitely pleased with what I’ve seen of the Kraken. It looks cool, apparently it flies a bit, and who doesn’t like tossing lightning at people? Now I just can’t wait to see the next monster, surely once Turtle Rock has “popped” they just won’t stop.


Myles K Farrington is a new writer on the MONG team and a rather dapper fellow. Keep up with him over at IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well!


5 thoughts on “Evolve Hits Xbox One First and There’s a New Monster in Town”

  1. Reblogged this on The Blusox6 Blog and commented:

    This is a test to see if this works as smoothly as I hope. Regardless of if it does or doesn’t, MAH GAHD! Were you all watching E3?! It was SO much fun. So many good announcements! All of the games! Minor screw ups! This was a great experience. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if I was there in person! Anyway, there’s a lot of news coming your way via my blog, get ready.

    In terms of this, the new monster for Evolve looks absolutely awesome. Who doesn’t want to play as a lightning shooting Cthulu creature?


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