First DLC Coming to Resogun

Save the last humans, again!

Rejoice! DLC is coming to Resogun, (arguably) the best PlayStation 4 game available. The game released last year at the launch of the PS4 and we finally have a reason to jump back in the cockpit!

The all new “Heroes” DLC brings two new modes to this explosive title; ‘Survival’‘ and ‘Demolition’. ‘Survival’ is an endless mode that keeps all the same fundamental game mechanics as the arcade mode. While ‘Demolition’ take things to a whole new level by adding insane new weapons to completely pulverize anything in your way! Both versions should be extremely fun and chaotic. You can expect a patch to take effect on June 23rd and purchase the DLC for 4.99. A season pass will also be available for future add-on content.

My Opinion:

I think it’s great that developer Housemarque is giving the players more Resogun! In the past  they have stated they’re currently working on a new IP, so I’m happy they still found the time to support Resogun before completely moving forward. It’s easily one of my favorite games on the PS4.

Brett is one of MONG’s Editors, and obsessed with Pokémon lore. You can follow him on Twitter @brettnll to hear about how lame he is!

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