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Resogun: Heroes Expansion Review


Hi, my name is Lou Contaldi and it’s been five months since my last Resogun binge. That was, until the addiction managed to find its way back. Nearly seven months after the PlayStation 4 exclusive was released, Housemarque announced a new batch of DLC content to bring players back to the addictive gameplay of the previous PlayStation Plus title. However, does the newest expansion, Heroes, do enough to hold a candle to the main gameplay, or is the title’s glory days over?

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MONG Podcast Episode 40 – Housemarque Interview

This week’s episode is a special one!  We announced two giveaways on the podcast as well as had an interview with Housemarque (developers of games like Resogun and Dead Nation).   Continue reading MONG Podcast Episode 40 – Housemarque Interview