My Time With the Destiny Alpha – The Tower

Once I had done the dirty on the Hive and Fallen enemies in the first mission, the game ushered me back to the “Set Destination” screen. It was a screen that I got well acquainted with and the direct cause of my picking up another space ship. The set destination screen was a flashy menu for picking where I wanted to go next, and that’s not a bad thing. Seeing my ship (or ships if I was in a fireteam) orbiting around Earth was fairly cool.

3. TT1

The next place that I had the pleasure of seeing was the Tower. As we all know, the Tower is the chill place for all the Guardians. In the Tower I was given the chance to see all of the shops, the bounty board, and even better, all of the other players.

The Tower is marked as the social area, and it is. It’s where all of the Guardians run around without their helmets and the game puts you in third person. While there, I saw many things, such as a group of players that I am convinced were in a fireteam sitting around on the ground, as well as a few dancing flash mobs. Some of those I participated in, or even started. Nothing like rounding a corner to see a bunch of armored people with guns letting off steam with some dancing.

3. TT2

The best comparison of the Tower would be Mass Effect’s Citadel. The way that the game switches to third person and you can see not only yourself but all of the other players (and their awesome armors) really drives home the social aspect of this game. A few times I actually went into the tower while playing solo and ended up meeting up with some other players and finding a fireteam.

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