Sony Issuing $10 Refund for The Last of Us Remastered

Good news, everyone who pre-ordered The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation Network for $60 will now get a $10 refund within the week because of the price change.  

Back in April, The Last of Us Remastered was announced and the price was $60; however in recent weeks, Sony reduced the price to $50 instead.  Originally it sounded like Sony was not going to refund the extra $10 to those who pre-ordered it on PSN, but all of that changed over the weekend.

Sony’s Adam Boyes responded to a fan’s question on Twitter, letting him know that everyone would be refunded this week.

My Opinion:

It was fascinating to see hundreds of people on social media sites last week complaining that they can’t get their $10 back.  First of all, I think it is ridiculous to complain over something like that. Second of all, why pre-order a game digitally so far in advance? You are guaranteed a copy of the game because they don’t run out of them digitally, so why not wait until the release date is closer?  Especially when something like a price change could happen?  I am glad that Sony is refunding everyone the extra $10 they spent on the game, but I would not have been upset if they didn’t.  Congrats to Sony for playing nice with their fan base when they didn’t have to.

Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  You can follow him on Twitter, Twitch, and IGN.

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