A New Assassin’s Creed Game for iOS

A new Assassin’s Creed game for the iOS seems to be in development after an apparent leak on Uplay.

Touch Arcade reported a screenshot of a promotional image for the upcoming game titled Assassin’s Creed Memories. According to the description, the game is a card-based strategy game with role-playing elements. You’ll recruit both Assassins and Templars to your cause and assert dominance over rival guilds (presumably other players).

Based on the the screenshot and its description, Assassin’s Creed Memories seemingly bears a resemblance to Ubisoft’s previous iOS card game Assassin’s Creed Recollection.

Currently no release date nor price have been announced for the game.

My Opinion:

I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed Recollection so I have no idea what the gameplay looks like. However, this game will most likely appeal to a niche in the Assassin’s Creed fanbase.

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