Editor Spotlight: Jesse Webster’s Top 5 Games

It’s Tuesday again! That means it is time for this week’s Editor Spotlight!  This time our editor is Landon Luthi!  So check out his top 5 games here! What are your top 5 games?

Number 5: Persona 4


I am not one with JRPGs. I do not like the turn based combat or the random encounters. So what makes Persona 4 and Persona 3 different from the rest? They take what I do not like about JRPGs and twist them. Instead of getting into a battle without warning, you can see where the enemy is. If you do choose to attack, you will not know what it will be, but you know that you will be ready for whatever is there. Another aspect is the Press Turn system. If you manage to strike an enemy with a weakness, then you get another turn. It rewards strategy and patience. What makes Persona 4 better than Persona 3 is the cast of characters. Persona 4 has the best characters you could ask for in a game. They are all diverse, funny, and well written. Some people may like Persona 3 better, and I do not blame them, but to me Persona 4 is better due to the characters and that you can control them in battle. You will not be able to switch Personas with these characters, but you can control their very actions. If you do not like JRPGs, I suggest trying Persona 4. I played it for the first time this year and loved every second of it. So far it’s my game of the year that didn’t come out this year.


Number 4: Resident Evil 2


I could not decide on what to choose, either Resident Evil 2 or Resident Evil 4. I chose Resident Evil 2 because it still holds up incredibly well. Resident Evil 4 still holds up as well, but that is because a lot of game uses that “Behind–the-shoulder” gameplay that Resident Evil 4 introduced. While Silent Hill does horror better, Resident Evil 2 does body horror better than most games. It would have ten years before Body Horror came back in a big way with the first Dead Space. It does take a bit to get used to because of the tank controls, but once you get them down, it still fantastic. The best thing about Resident Evil 2 is that even with the infinite ammo cheat on, it still gets scary at times. Having the right atmosphere can induce a feeling of foreboding that most AAA horror games do not have right now.


Number 3: Alan Wake


When I play a game, I tend to lean forward to the stories. Alan Wake has a fantastic story that reminds me of Stephen King and The Twilight Zone. I watched Twin Peaks for the first time this year, and Alan Wake nails the vibe of the TV series. Its episodic structure made me feel like I was watching LOST. If Alan Wake did not have good gameplay, then this game would not be on the list. Thankfully, the gameplay of Alan Wake is fun, addictive, and still feels unique. Using a light as a weapon still has not been used in games the way Alan Wake did. As much as I am excited for Quantum Break, I hope that Remedy returns of the world of Alan Wake and continue on what they started.


Number 2: Dark Souls


Dark Souls game is hard. Like very hard. Seriously, its reputation of being a hard game is not baseless. As hard as it is though, it is incredibly fair. If you die, it is because you messed up. Beating this game was one of the few times where I actually felt pride on beating a difficult game. Dark Souls will test your well-being, mental stress, and your skills as a gamer repeatedly, and if you think that it will be easier over time, it doesn’t. It gets even harder. New Game Plus makes the game even harder. It can take a while to beat a section of the game, but that feeling of triumph is unlike anything in a game before or since. The game is hard, fair, and excellent.


Number 1: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


I love the Metal Gear Solid series, so it comes to no surprise that a Metal Gear Solid game would be so high on this list. The best thing about the story of Naked Snake, or Big Boss, is that it’s a more focus and closed story. It is an emotional origin story of Big Boss and how he became the man he was before The Phantom Pain. Unlike the past games, you can start this one without knowing how or what is going on in the world of Metal Gear. While Metal Gear Solid 4 introduced the ability to crouch walk, which makes the lack of one in Snake Eater feels slightly dated; Metal Gear Solid 3 is still a fantastic game that perfectly blends action and stealth. If you have about 15 to 20 hours to kill and do not mind extra-long cut scenes, then Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is worthy of your time. If you can, try to get the HD re-release. Not only does it looks better, it runs better too.


So what are your top 5 games? Let us know in the comments below! 

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