The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 — Cry Wolf Review

It has happened.  I was finally able to finish the exciting conclusion to A Wolf Among Us, and I didn’t even have to turn every character into a human Pez-dispenser to close my case.  Bill Williamson’s video game adaptation of his series Fables finishes its last chapter, captured in a modern day New York City.  

Warning: Spoilers ahead for episodes 1 – 4

Bigby Wolf still needs to find out who murdered the two Fables, Faith and Lily.  He is surrounded by many of the corrupt characters from the story, all trapped in the same room at the Crooked Man’s residence.  Your choices from before can change the narrative of the story, especially near the end.  I spent much of the game playing on two different files: one file for good choices, and one file for bad choices. While you can end up with a very similar conclusion to the story, the words exchanged in between are quite a bit different.  I was deeply satisfied with the ending.  There was a lot of conflict, violent outbursts and surprises around every corner.

wolf 34

This story never ceased to amaze me, from start to finish.  I loved the addition of new Fables characters that are not found in the graphic novels.  As a very critical fan of the novels, I believe that Telltale Games did a fantastic take on Fables and the ever enigmatic Bigby Wolf.  While Episode 4 wasn’t exactly as long as the other chapters of the story, Episode 5 comes back with the content that Episode 4 was lacking.

wolf 35

For the most part, the gameplay was still very similar to the last few episodes.  The one big change that was made was the large amount of dire choices that you had to choose from.  I also noticed that a decent amount of ‘morally bad’ choices (mostly beating the hell out of other characters) were added to the normal text/gameplay.  These elements of freedom show us something very special about this chapter.  The one thing that makes this game so epic is the ability to drive Bigby down an unquestionable path of violence, stemmed from a dark past as Fabletown’s most dangerous predator.  The extra amount of freedom added to this chapter made it my favorite one of the entire series.

Wolf 31
Nothing captures Bigby’s prickly demeanor better than his attitude towards the physically challenged.

After the credits rolled at the end of The Wolf Among Us,  I sat back in my seat, took a deep breath and muttered “My hell…that was incredible!”  It would be a tragedy to me if this ends up being the only Fables game ever made, but I highly doubt that will be the case.  A Wolf Among Us is a fantastic game to play, with or without the graphic novels.

Verdict: 9.5 out of 10

I have a lot of strong feelings about this game.  I want to go through it again as soon as I can, but am afraid that I will just put myself through tons of hell just waiting for a sequel.  The story is a roller-coaster from beginning to end.  The gameplay offers many instances of abusing your suspects, giving you much variety on how you want to control Bigby.  The characters continue to be strong as before, especially the Crooked Man.  If you have not had the opportunity to play this gem, you should immediately pick it up.

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  1. I am in the same boat as you guys. I have yet to watch or read any Game of Thrones content. I have great faith that Telltale Games will bring us some amazing things with their take on Borderlands and Game of Thrones. The future can only get brighter!


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