The Geekend Update: 7/18/14

Weekends are meant strictly for gaming; at least that’s what we think. Here is where you can find out all of our crazy plans for the upcoming weekend! 


Courtney Osborn, Founder & Editor in Chief:

My weekend will be consumed by Destiny.  Enough said.


Shawn Richards, Editor:

After finishing BioShock Infinite, I will be playing some of the original as well as some Far Cry 2. If you want to know more about my life, follow me at LittleBigHamm on Twitter. And, no, I will not be playing Destiny.


Steven Shearer, Editor:

Similar to the past couple of weeks. I’ll most likely not be playing any games as I just cannot be bothered to play any, which is normal for me at this time of the year. With that being said if I do game it will most likely be Max: Curse of Brotherhood or Guacamelee!: Super Turbo Championship Edition.


Ryan Latuso, Editor:

Destiny Beta. It’s a short window so that will be my main focus. I may chip away at God of War 2 or Bravely Default a little also.


Dustin LaRoe, Editor:

This weekend, I’d love to get down and play some Spelunky on my PC. Hopefully, my schedule allows it, as I’ve had trouble recently getting my game on.


Benjamin Luthi, Editor:

I’m gonna get it on like Donkey Kong, since I just got Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D as a Club Nintendo prize. I’ll probably throw in some Mario Golf and Mario Kart as well. You can never have too much of either of those.


Myles Farrington, Editor:

I believe my weekend will go something like this; work, Destiny, Destiny, work, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny. You can Destiny find me on Destiny PSN at Destiny InfuriatedYOGURT, and on Twitter Destiny at FuriousMILK… Destiny.


Aaron Dobbe, Editor:

I’ll probably be doing more of the same this weekend: Persona 3 FES and  Mario Kart 8, with occasional visits to my island in Tomodachi Life. I might start a new game on my Vita if I find the time; either Gravity Rush or Final Fantasy X-2.


Mike Morrissette, Editor:

I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I’m kind of addicted to Final Fantasy XIV. Needless to say, that is how I’ll be spending my weekend. I’ve recently come into an economy addiction, so my current goal is to flip my 5 million into 15 million this weekend. I have faith. I don’t even know why I want all of this in-game money, but watching the numbers grow is super addicting for whatever reason. I don’t know, maybe I’ll bake a cake, and watch some Harry Potter in between hunting down deals on the market boards?


Landon Luthi, Editor:

Recently, I picked up the Halo Edition add-on of Minecraft for the Xbox 360.  The new skins and music make for an interesting change.  I decided that I needed to finish my Spartan Ops missions on Halo 4 on the harder difficulties over the weekend.  As of this morning, I have successfully dispatched at least 450 words of curse.  I think that I may just play some Skyrim instead.  


Patrick Garrity, Editor:

Hmm… Well there’s this Destiny Beta going on so……………. I’LL BE PLAYING THAT NO DOUBT!!!!  Other than this I’d like to get some Fallout: New Vegas going, maybe if time allows it I can get a desert wasteland mockumentary going & Crimsonland.  Hope to see you guys in the Destiny beta. Peace Out!


Andrew Lee, Editor:

Ratchet and Clank Trilogy on the PS Vita. It’s time to revisit a classic.


Shaun Fales, Editor:

Destiny Beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if I find some time, maybe catch up on the Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us. But mostly the Destiny Beta.


Jesse Webster, Editor:

Two things. The Destiny Beta and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I bought a 3DS XL a few days ago and have been playing that. The 3DS XL is the first Nintendo handheld I’ve ever own since the original Gameboy. I’m 5 hours in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and I’m still in the tutorial sages. I can go questing for the major monsters, but I want to make sure I’m truly ready for that.


What games are you playing this weekend?




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