Lone Survivor and More Announced from Curve Digital

Earlier this week Curve Digital announced that Lone Survivor will be available on the Wii U after weeks of rumors about the topic.

In addition, Curve Digital also announced that The Swapper, Stealth Inc 2, and “at least one more” game will debut in 2015. Though we already knew about The Swapper and Stealth Inc 2, the fact that they announced at least one more unnamed game leaves a lot open. Though no specific dates were announced, the company will keep themselves occupied with the games currently announced.

My Opinion:
This is a fun announcement because it starts to make indie games a “big deal” now to many players. I think the Wii U and 3DS are starting to go this route to bring more players into the rift and get on the good sides of developers for future endeavours. I’m interested to see if any more indie developers will start to go the way of utilizing Nintendo to get their names out there.

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