The Relationship Between Nintendo and Sega

There was a recent release of Sega’s second quarter numbers, and they were pleasing for the father of the blue blur.  They also announced that the 3DS is their most successful platform for their games.  

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth sold 250,000 units in June.  After getting their hands on Atlus, Sega will likely continue making many games for the Nintendo portable.  Hopefully for Nintendo, this will keep sales of 3DS systems at a high mark.

Sega has plans to release 13 different titles for the Nintendo 3DS by the end of the year.  It is estimated that they will sell an approximate 2.27 million units from these titles.


As seen two days ago, records have shown that Sega brought in a whopping 12.9 Billion Yen ($131.8 million/ £87 million/ €99.4 million) starting in April and clear into the end of June.  This is an amazing leap when compared to last year’s figures for the quarter at 2.5 billion yen ($25.8 million/ £17 million/ €19.4 million).

Company of Heroes 2 had an amazing debut with a total of 380,000 copies sold in a six day period, which was at the end of the second quarter.  This ended up being Sega’s best selling game for the quarter, regardless of only being out for six days.  An odd finding shows that there wasn’t much in sales in physical copies of their games.  The majority of the profit came from sales through social, digital, and mobile platforms.  The amount in sales from these added up to 90.7 billion yen ($923.6 million/ £609.7 million/ €696.4 million).

While the Nintendo 3DS is Sega’s most successful recipient to its games, the Wii U hasn’t had the same results for them.  They are 7th in rank when compared to other systems/platforms in which Sega makes its profits.

My Opinion:

Now only if SEGA will consider bringing us some new F-Zero games.  Let’s hope that they consider reading this opinion where I will tell them to make it super competitive and difficult like F-Zero GX/AX.


Landon Luthi is an associate writer for MONG, and is the website’s favorite nostalgia whore!  You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally home from a very sad attempt at exercising.  


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