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Star Wars Battlefront DLC info finally released

After waiting for what seemed like eons to hear anything about the first expansion for EA GamesStar Wars: Battlefront, we finally got our announcement for a first taste of the details of the Outer Rim DLC, and you’re not going to be thrilled about it. [read more]


Along with a new mode and two new maps, Star Wars: Battlefront will be adding two brand new heroes to the mix. You can now play as Greedo, the alien bounty hunter who the Star Wars community firmly believes was unjustly murdered in cold blood by Han Solo. And the second character is Nien Nunb; that short, fishy-looking alien whose name you definitely didn’t know before this was the copilot of the Millennium Falcon in Return of the Jedi, and makes a brief appearance as an X-Wing pilot in The Force Awakens. Now I don’t know about you, but I am just itching to get my hands on those B-list characters that even huge Star Wars nerds like me forgot even existed to add an even bigger sense of blah to an already unfortunately disappointing game.


The new mode, Extraction, also seems intriguing. As a Rebel, you will be tasked with finding a shipment of what EA calls “much needed supplies” and will be responsible for getting those supplies to the extraction zone, which sounds a lot like capture the flag or a ground variation of the Fighter Squadron mode. As an Imperial, you will be tasked with stopping the Rebels. So yeah, capture the flag. Nothing new or super exciting, but it’ll add something to the game that it desperately needs: more.

Not all is lost, though, as the new maps sound interesting enough. One takes place on Sullust (again) at a smelting factory, and another takes place on Tatooine (again), but in the throne room of Jabba’s Palace. I remember his palace not exactly being large in the movie, though, so we’ll have to see how it plays. My main gripe is that the first DLC for the game features planets that were already in the main game, giving almost no change of scenery. With a universe as vast as one in Star Wars, it just seems lazy that EA would build a new map on the same landscapes. Now I haven’t seen the maps yet, so all this scrutiny might prove fruitless once the DLC drops. They could be awesome. We’ll just have to wait and see.
But how long will we have to wait? We don’t know.EA has neglected to mention a release date for Outer Rim, but I’m sure more details are coming soon.  While a price hasn’t been revealed for the individual DLC pack yet, you can still pick up the Season Pass, which includes Outer Rim and three others slated for later this year, for $50 in the Xbox Live and PlayStation stores. 

Elijah Arnold is an Associate Writer for Middle of Nowhere Gaming, a gamer, and Star Wars enthusiast from Orange County, California. In his spare time he lives out his dream of being a rockstar by being the frontman of a metal band. Check him out on Twitter

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