Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Coming to PS4, Xbox One In October

Amazon has revealed that a Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition: Limited Edition (Seriously? Definitive Limited?) may be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While it’s not surprising that Amazon has made this slip up/preemptive reveal, it is surprising that it was not Amazon France, the mother of all Amazon leaks.

As for the game itself, Sleeping Dogs was received fairly well by critics, but it wasn’t exactly considered the best of it’s kind.  Square Enix released Tomb Raider Definitive Edition earlier in the year, and likely decided to port Sleeping Dogs based upon the success they found with TR.  Also, the game supposedly has a sequel that is being worked on called ‘Triad Wars’.

Square Enix has not confirmed the game according to any source, but we’ll keep you informed with what we hear.  Stay tuned to Middle of Nowhere Gaming for updates.

My Opinion:

While I am remissed that I didn’t get to play Sleeping Dogs when it came out, and this is an opportunity to make up for that, I likely won’t be playing the game.  I, like many others, am tired of the slew of HD remakes and rehashes.  I’d rather see developer’s resources devoted to the creation and publication of new and innovative IP’s, and if the way to get that message across is not buying or playing their products, then so be it.  

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