Sony Shows Off Indie Games

During their Gamescom conference, Sony showed off some upcoming games from its indie partners. These games will likely come out for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. They include:

  • Snow is a skiing game. It’s unknown if it will be archaic or simulation.
  • Dreamfall Chapters is the third game in a series that started in PC back in 1999 with The Longest Journey. Thankfully, it seems there will be an interactive graphic novel that details what happened in the first two games.
  • Papers, Please. One of the biggest surprises for PC comes to PlayStation 4. Papers, Please is a game where you play as an immigration officer as he tries to either deny visitors in or out of the fake county of ArstotzkaIn.
  • Space Brawl seems to be a 4 player PvP multiplayer game where you try to shoot your opponents up and be the last man standing.
  • Ether One looks to be a supernatural adventure and it has the look of Half-Life 2.
  • Qube2 is the next game in the Qube franchise. Qube is a puzzle game once which you will use cubes to get out of puzzle rooms and mazes.
  • Nom Nom Galaxy. This game looks to be like PixelJunk Shooter, but instead of water, you are devouring whole planets.
  • Pix the Cat. There wasn’t much to go on for Pix the Cat. For the brief time you see it in the trailer, it looks to be a cross between Centipede and Pac-Man.

It’s unknown when these games will be released, but if I had to guess, at least half of them will be released this year with the other half releasing on the front half of 2015. These games will be a timed exclusive to PlayStation 4.

My Opinion:

I don’t mind indie games at all. They provide a unique aspect of games through story and gameplay. I did get to play a web version of Papers, Please and it became addicting. I’m glad that Dreamfall Chapters will have something to give players that never played the original and its sequel a chance to catch up.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer at MONG and can’t wait to download Hotline Miami when it comes out next week.

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