The Tomorrow Children Announced

Today, during PlayStation’s Gamescom press conference, Q-Games announced their newest game, The Tomorrow Children.

Q-Games is known for their highly successful PixelJunk series.  Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games gave a brief description of the game to that PlayStation Blog:

The Tomorrow Children is the story of a future re-imagined from the after-effects of an experiment in 1960s Russia that attempted to ‘sublime’ the human race, or meld all human minds into one global consciousness. Unfortunately it went wrong and decimated the planet, and it took the next 90 years for the few humans left to rebuild to the point where they have created you, the player, as a ‘projection clone’. You’re tasked with venturing out into ‘The Void’ to reclaim the human race and restore it to its former glory! The survivors of the experiment have created a society based on Marxist ideals from the 1960s. As you can imagine those ideals have become slightly distorted by the flow of time, and even technology has advanced in unexpected directions.

Players will have to work their way up out of the proletariat (normal citizen) class.  You will work by exploring and mining for materials that will be used to help defend the city against the giant monsters called Izverg.

It also sounds like The Tomorrow Children will have some sort of online co-op, at least in the sense that you can see other players and help them.  Dylan Cuthbert explains this with,

The human race will only survive if we cooperate, and as you do things your projection will become briefly visible in other player’s realities. Everything you do to manipulate the world is shared with everyone else in each stage. For example, if you find someone toiling away in the dark, hold your flashlight steady for them and they will see your projection appear behind them to light their work. If you or they fall into darkness for too long they will lose coherency and be reset back to the town, losing their hard-earned recognition points. If anything scares you there is also the chance you might lose coherency and have your projection reset.With the mined resources you can craft buildings and items (such as gun turrets, light fixtures, cars and tanks) that everyone can use together to grow the town and defeat the Izverg.

The Tomorrow Children does not currently have a release date, but it will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 4.

My Opinion:

I have to admit, I wasn’t extremely excited about this game when I first watched the trailer.  However, all of that changed after reading the in depth explanation that Dylan Cuthbert gave about it.  I am definitely excited now.  I can’t wait to find out more about it, like when it will be released.

Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  You can follow him on Twitter, Twitch, and IGN.

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