Battlefield: Hardline Shows Off Single and Multiplayer Modes

EA revealed information pertaining to the newest game in the Battlefield franchise; Battlefield: Hardline. DICE has revealed two new multiplayer modes and an extensive 12 minute look at Battlefield: Hardline’s single player.

During the 12-minute single player demo, they showed off all the new abilities you can use. Because you are a cop, you can use stealth, non-lethal takedowns, and even arrest the opposing criminals. There will be a few high-level warrants that, if you arrest a certain person, you’ll get big rewards for. There will even be a device where you can scan your enemies, like in many current FPSs. All the weapons that is in the multiplayer seems to be in the single player as well. Visceral Games, the developers behind the Dead Space series, will develop the single player aspect of Battlefield: Hardline while DICE develops the multiplayer.

DICE revealed two new multiplayer modes. One called “Hotwire”, and the other called “Rescue”. In Hotwire, you are in a car chase and you can shoot out of a speeding vehicle. In Hostage (an e-sports mode) you and 4 other teammates tries to rescue a hostage being held up with 5 other players. With this mode players have only one chance and one life to try to complete the objective.

With the original release date set for 2014, EA has pushed the release into early 2015. Battlefield: Hardline will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

My Opinion:

I have to say I’m surprised about Battlefield: Hardline’s single player. I didn’t expect that it will have stealth or non-lethal takedowns. I’m sure the reason there was gunplay was to show it off for the press, but if there is a way to avoid most battles, then I can’t wait to play the single player of Battlefield: Hardline.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer at MONG and he haven’t started on Shin Megami Tensei IV yet.

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