Kojima Aims To Have Players Sh*tting Themselves!

Gamescon 2014: Kojima Aims To Have Players Sh*tting Themselves!

Hideo Kojima you funny, funny guy.  With the announcement of Silent Hills, Kojima’s aims to have players defecating themselves while experiencing his work. From the scares that is.  

“Originally we were thinking a game that would make you pee your pants,” Kojima said during an interview streamed on Konami’s Twitch. Now “we are aiming for a game that will make you s**t your pants.”

He even goes on to say that the collector’s edition of Silent Hills will come with a new pair of pants!

During the PlayStation conference Kojima Productions showed off their “P.T.” (playable teaser) of Silent Hills.  Created with the Fox Engine, Silent Hills was announced as a new IP from an unknown studio.  The quality is low for the time being but will have a much higher quality at release.

Kojima has partnered with director Guillermo del Toro for Silent Hills and stars Norman Reedus (Daryl) of The Walking Dead.  Silent Hills was announced as “P.T.” during Sony’s Gamescom Press Conference and is available on the PlayStation Store as a playable teaser.

My Opinion:

I can’t wait.  From what I’ve seen this game looks super sick.  The atmosphere of the teaser alone was enough for me to be sold.  I’m not big into horror games, but the Silent Hill series has always been special to me and with Kojima hand in the pot, MINDBLOWN! Really looking forward to hearing more about this title.

Patrick Garrity is a Jersey native who loves video games and enjoys the industry.  He loves rum and wants to be a pirate one day.  Follow him on Twitter.

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