Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Games For September

Today, Sony showed the games that will be arriving to PlayStation Plus on September 2nd. They include a fighter, a platformer, and a tube-shooter. Check below for the games coming soon to PlayStation Plus.

Velocity X2 – PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita


Sportsfriends – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita


Hoard – PlayStation 3


Joe Danger – PlayStation Vita


TxK – PlayStation Vita

Those are the games that will arrive next Tuesday. The games that were in last month’s list like Crysis 3 and FEZ will no longer be available to download.

My Opinion:

This is another lackluster month for PlayStation Plus. Since I got a Nintendo 3DS, I couldn’t’ renew my PlayStation Plus membership. I’ll renew it, but I’m in no hurry. The one game I might play is for a system I don’t even have, which is Joe Danger for the PlayStation Vita.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer at MONG and can’t wait to see the fight of the century, absence vs. thin air.

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