Nintendo Announces New Console Packages

Nintendo is about to ship out new Nintendo console options for their Wii U and 3DS systems beginning in mid-September.  You will be able to find these varieties at Wal-mart.

Much like the bundled option for the Wii U including Nintendo Land after launch, Nintendo will be offering another Wii U bundle with Nintendo Land again along with Super Mario 3D World.  Another bundle that was announced includes Nintendo Land along with Nintendo’s hit racing game, Mario Kart 8.  Both of these bundles will be $299 USD.

The Nintendo 2DS is also getting bundle options, along with new colors to add to their line-up.  A download code of Mario Kart 7 will be included with an Electric Blue, Crimson Red or Sea-Green Nintendo 2DS.  These new handheld bundles will be priced at $129 USD.  You can expect to see these packages in the first part of October.

My Opinion:

I think that Nintendo is making the right move with the new bundle options.  I am now crossing my fingers for a Super Smash Bros. for 3DS bundle.

Landon Luthi is an associate writer for MONG, and is the website’s most cynical nostalgia bastard!  You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally to random Asian bath houses at odd hours of the night.

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