Aliens: Colonial Marines: Sega Accuses Gearbox of False Advertisement

The Sega/Gearbox lawsuit over the false marketing of Aliens: Colonial Marines rages onward, proving once again that the middle school drama surrounding the game is more interesting than the game itself. Today marked Sega’s turn at calling Gearbox a big, dumb doodyhead.

Last month, Gearbox claimed it had no part in the marketing of Aliens: Colonial Marines, issuing a public statement saying, “Gearbox is a video game software developer. It was neither the publisher nor seller of the video game at issue.” Steve Gibson, the vice president of marketing at Gearbox, laid all the blame on Sega.

Sega disagrees and has now accused Randy Pitchford of leading the false-advertising front. According to recently published court documents, Randy went “off script” when promoting Aliens: Colonial Marines, “sometimes in the face of Sega’s explicit disapproval.”

Examples of “off script” publications include unapproved press leaks, unapproved announcements, and even an unapproved press participation event.

“Gearbox’s suggestion that it was a puppet, reliant on Sega’s decision about what and what not to publish, is simply fiction” Sega states.

The fight continues!

My Opinion:

You know, I’m not sure I even have one anymore. I bought Aliens: Colonial Marines when it first came out because the game looked amazing and I’m a die-hard Aliens fan. The game sucked. I was mad, but the game came out over a year ago. I’ve moved on. I’m willing to put blame on both parties—Sega and Gearbox—because I feel like both of them are at fault. Time to move on. Alien: Isolation looks pretty spiffy, so hey, I’m willing to give Sega another chance.

Chad Waller is an Associate Writer for MONG who has lots of opinions. He’s currently working on a video game and sometimes likes to write stuff.

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