For A Limited Time Next Week, All Retail Xbox One’s Are Bundles

As part of a new promotional offer, Microsoft has announced that they are giving away one free game with every new Xbox One that is purchased next week. This deal applies to pre-existing bundles as well.

This promotional offer will start on September 7th and last until the 13th, meaning that this deal is practically just around the corner. As part of the offer, any game that has already been released within this period of time will be applicable for the deal. However, used games and consoles will be the only items excluded from the offer.

Most major retailers, such as Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Toys ‘R Us to name a few, have been announced to be participating in this offer.

My Opinion:

As a potential buyer of an Xbox One, I can say firsthand that this is an extremely tempting deal. Particularly with the release of Destiny next week, this could be the closest I ever come to an Xbox One bundle for the game. Holiday season is approaching quickly however, so I feel that there could be even better deals coming further down the road. Either way, this is an excellent bargain and I can see Microsoft selling a good number of consoles as a result.

Tyler Bartlemus is an Associate Writer for MONG and is enthusiastic about anything relating to Science Fiction. You can follow him on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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